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Cat Flap Fitter Dorset

Cat Flap Fitting for addresses based in Dorset -professional service at great prices. 

You can have a Cat Flap Fitted in Glass windows (single glazing and double glazing), in a UPVC Door or in a Wooden door or even get the flap installed in a wall for less than you think.

Give your pet some freedom to prevent little accidents and get the exercise it needs but be able to come in without you having to let it in and out of your home !

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We look forward to assisting you and your feline friend.

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Magnetic, Infrared or Microchip Cat Flap in Glass Double Glazing, Door, UPVC Door, Composite Doors and Aluminium doors

Cat flap for walls 

Locking Cat Flap Installers 

Patio Door Cat Flap and French Doors

Pet door in Conservatory Glass

Cat Flaps For windows 

Get Cat Flaps fitted to Double Glazing 

Cat Flaps to Single Glazing 

Cat Flaps fitted to Wooden Doors 

Cat Flaps in UPVC Door Cat Flap Fitters

Cat Flaps fitted in Walls

Cat Flap with Daylight Sensor to prevent the cat from hunting at night and bringing mice into the house.

Large Cat Flap for large Cats

Medium Cat Flap

Small Cat Flap

Automatic Cat Flap

Cat Flap for Persian Cat

Cat Flap for British Longhair

All Makes of Cat Flap fitted, including:

* Petmate Cat Flap * Staywell Cat Flaps * Catmate Flap * Pet Porte Cat Flap * Petsafe Pet Door Fitter

Cat Flap Types Fitted

2 way cat flap-opens in both directions and locks

4 way cat flap-can be set as only out only-opens in both directions or locked

magnetic key cat flap- the same as the 4-way but with electro-magnetic technology -with collar & fob

Infrared cat flap- the same as the 4-way but with infrared technology -with collar & fob

microchip cat flap- the same as the 4-way but it recognises your cat's id chip

microchip cat flap in door